Northern New Mexico is a place that inspires many tales. Tales of ramblers, ghosts, and outlaws. In its high mountains, hot deserts, and diverse towns, the Land of Enchantment is where musical tales are told, drawing out the legends of the past to mix with characters of the present. It is a place where Robert Hunter wrote his early poems in the village of Taos, a place where Jim Morrison drew his inspiration for the Doors, and where countless other musicians and artists flock to heed the Siren's call.

It is the place where Escape on a Horse calls their home.


Drawing from the musical styles of rock and roll, country, bluegrass, and alternative, Escape on a Horse has established themselves as unique musical-storytellers in northern New Mexico. A veritable bridge of the music of the present mixed with timeless stories of the human condition, Escape on a Horse draws crowds in with their blend of personable experience and palatable musical talents.


Escape on a Horse began in 2016 as a collaboration of Daniel Jaramillo (guitar and vocals), Allisyn Stanfield (violin and vocals), Andrew Stocker (bass guitar and vocals), Ryan Little (pedal steel), and David Fellenz (drums).  Jaramillo's songwriting is strongly rooted by the traditions of New Mexico and Stanfield possesses her own diverse talents with instrumentation and vocals. Combined with the solid rhythm section of Stocker and Fellenz, the pieces were in place to bring Escape on a Horse to life.  With the addition of the extremely talented Ryan Little on the pedal steel, the band got to work on self-producing their debut album that was released in 2018. This album was later nominated in 2019 for Best Country album by the New Mexico Music Awards.


In 2019, the band was approached by David Holtkamp to potentially collaborate with them, who saw the unique chemistry the band has with each other as well as with any audience who witnesses their performance. Holtkamp, dubbed "Dog House" by the band, joined as mandolin player (both acoustic and electric) and brought along his influence of bluegrass and the jam scene inspired by the Grateful Dead. Stocker decided to temporarily go on hiatus in 2019, but insisted Escape on a Horse continue forward with their musical mission. The band sought the talents of Seth Greenfield on bass guitar to fill in the low-end. Greenfield brings with him an attitude to music that is daring, charismatic, and tasteful. 

Escape on a Horse is quickly growing as a band by reaching broader audiences across New Mexico and into the greater American Southwest. They have shared the stage with a variety of musicians including Grant Farm, Inaiah Lujan, Liver Down the River, and national country superstar James Carothers. In 2020, the band is recording new material, playing new venues in New Mexico and Colorado, and establishing themselves as part of the musical family in the Land of Enchantment.

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